Student’s unrest

Student’s unrest Students’ unrest is characterised by “collective discon­tent, dysfunctional conditions in educational institutions and concern (of public and students) for change in existing norms”. Students ‘agitations, on the other hand, are characterised by ‘action based on the feeling of injus­tice, identifying source of discontent, frustration and deprivation, emergence of leadership, mobilisation for action, and … Read moreStudent’s unrest

Terrorism in Punjab

Terrorism in Punjab Parallel to Akali militancy, terrorism made its appearance in Punjab in l981 as a partial culmination of communal politics since 1947 and the policy of appeasement towards communalism followed by the Punjab Congress leadership, especially since the early seventies. The initiator of terrorism was Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, who emerged in the … Read moreTerrorism in Punjab

Jayaprakash Narayan and Emergency

Jayaprakash Narayan and Emergency Jayaprakash Narayan was born on October 11, 1902, in Sitabdiara, a village on the border of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Whenever the Ganga changed course, JP’s ancestral house has been shown alternately in Bihar and UP. He became a natural leader among the village boys. JP was married to Prabhavati, daughter … Read moreJayaprakash Narayan and Emergency

Role of Press and Education in social awakening in pre- independent India

Development of Press, Railway, Press and Telegraph, Industries in British India   Development of Press:- The first press in India was established by the Portuguese in 1550, first book was published by Portuguese missionaries (1557). The next was established by British in 1684. James Augustus Hickey is considered as the “father of Indian press” as he … Read moreRole of Press and Education in social awakening in pre- independent India