31.10.19 Rajasthan [RPSC] Current Affairs

RAJASTHAN Kabul plans monument in Ajmer to boost ties   Afghanistan has expressed interest in setting up a monument in Ajmer to celebrate its religious and cultural ties with the Dargah.   Afghanistan has been pitching for declaring Herat and Ajmer as twin cities. Herat is known as the cultural capital of Afghanistan which has a rich history … Read more31.10.19 Rajasthan [RPSC] Current Affairs

30.10.19 Rajasthan [RPSC] Current Affairs

RAJASTHAN Rajasthan learning model added as case study by Harvard   An educational programme to improve learning outcomes in Rajasthan government schools has been added as a case study by the Harvard Business School and Harvard Kennedy School of Government. The programme is based on artificial intelligence and ICT intervention in regular studies. It was validated by … Read more30.10.19 Rajasthan [RPSC] Current Affairs

29.10.19 Rajasthan [RPSC] Current Affairs

RAJASTHAN Government to frame rules for Rajasthan Apartment Ownership Act   The long-pending Rajasthan Apartment Ownership Act is likely to be implemented in the state soon.   The Act received a nod from the President of India in July. However, it was not implemented as department failed to draft the rules till date.   This Act gives … Read more29.10.19 Rajasthan [RPSC] Current Affairs

27-28.10.19 Rajasthan [RPSC] Current Affairs

RAJASTHAN Rajasthan government schools to grow veggies, fruits The state government has directed education department officials to help schools grow vegetables and fruits on their campus to reduce the cost of midday meals (MDM) and give students a first-hand experience of gardening. The department has asked its officials to identify fertile land on school campuses … Read more27-28.10.19 Rajasthan [RPSC] Current Affairs

26.10.19 Rajasthan [RPSC] Current Affairs

RAJASTHAN ● Rajasthan leads in violating official secrets Act Rajasthan recorded the highest violations of the official secrets Act in 2017. The state recorded four cases related to breaching the official secrets Act, majority of which were related to espionage activities. Being a border state, Rajasthan has always been a target of the Pakistan’s ISI … Read more26.10.19 Rajasthan [RPSC] Current Affairs

25.10.19 Rajasthan [RPSC] Current Affairs

RAJASTHAN • Rajasthan No. 2 in green violations after UP  According to the bureau report, the state registered 10,122 cases for violations related to environment-related offences. Rajasthan is second only to Uttar Pradesh, which reported 20,914 cases. In fact, 24 per cent of all environment-related offences in the country were reported from the state. … Read more25.10.19 Rajasthan [RPSC] Current Affairs

24.10.19 Rajasthan [RPSC] Current Affairs

RAJASTHAN Rajasthan tops in economic offences   Rajasthan remains a land of gullible investors with ever-increasing numbers of chit fund scams, ponzi schemes and cheating cases.   According to 2017 NCRB figures, the state topped in economic offences in 2017 with 21,645 cases and thus going past traditional cheating dens in Uttar Pradesh and Delhi.   Bureau figures say … Read more24.10.19 Rajasthan [RPSC] Current Affairs

23.10.19 Rajasthan [RPSC] Current Affairs

RAJASTHAN Two-day long manoeuvres by Sudarshan Chakra Vahini of Indian Army begins at Jaisalmer   Two-day long manoeuvres by Sudarshan Chakra Vahini of Indian Army started at Jaisalmer field firing range in Rajasthan.   In this war exercise, the army is going to exhibit its strength regarding Agni Missile and artillery.   Artillery, Arms and … Read more23.10.19 Rajasthan [RPSC] Current Affairs