Social and Economic Indicators of Development

Human development is a process of enlarging people’s choices. The most critical ones are to lead a long and healthy life, to be educated and to enjoy a decent standard of living. Additional choices include political freedom, guaranteed human rights and self-respect.Human development has to be development of the people, by the people, for the … Read moreSocial and Economic Indicators of Development

Planning: Process – Types – Review of India’s First to Tenth Five year Plans. Evaluation

Economic development since independence objectives and achievements of planning Objectives of Planning Economic Growth and Development Every five-year plan had a growth target that had to be achieved by the end of the planning period. In order to bring about an improvement in standard of living of the people, the per capita income has to … Read morePlanning: Process – Types – Review of India’s First to Tenth Five year Plans. Evaluation

Regional imbalances

Regional imbalances and income inequalitiies in India: Steps taken by the Government to reduce it. Regional imbalance is the disparity in economic and social development of two regions. One region/city/area is stronger than another region/city/area. Regions develop when investments are made to set up industries, service sectors, educational institutions, health care facilities etc. Income inequality is the unequal distribution of … Read moreRegional imbalances


Nature, types and Problems of Unemployment in India:-Unemployment may be defined as “a situation in which the person is capable of working both physically and mentally at the existing wage rate, but does not get a job to work”. India is one of those ill-fated underdeveloped countries which is suffering from a huge unemployment problem. … Read moreUnemployment

Small and cottage industries

Cottage and Village industries in India problems and prospects Cottage Industry is a form of small scale industry where the productivity of the good£ takes place in the houses of the workers, and the workforce include the members of the family. The equipment’s used to generate products are not the hi-tech ones but generally those … Read moreSmall and cottage industries

Liberalisation and its effects on Indian industries

The leading economists of the country differ in their opinion about the socioeconomic and ecological consequences of the policy of liberalisation.Liberalization has led to several positive and negative effects on Indian economy and society. Some of the consequences of liberalisation have been briefly described here: 1. Increase in the Direct Foreign Investment: The policy of liberalisation … Read moreLiberalisation and its effects on Indian industries

Drought management in Maharashtra and FDI in Maharashtra

Drought management in Maharashtra Drought has intensified in Maharashtra with just 18.51 per cent live storage left in dams, 8.5 lakh livestock in fodder camps and 12,000 villages and hamlets depending on water tankers. An estimated 82 lakh farmers are affected by the drought. The situation is likely to worsen in the Marathwada and Vidarbha … Read moreDrought management in Maharashtra and FDI in Maharashtra