Problems issues and efforts to overcome vocational education in India

Problems issues and efforts to overcome vocational education in India The present TVET system in India is facing some serious problems including outdated courses and curricula, low funding and multiple levels of policy planning and governing. Some of the major problems of the Indian TVET system are listed below: Multiplicity of regulations, certifications and curriculum Curriculum … Read more

Technical and vocational education in Maharashtra

Technical and vocational education in Maharashtra The Directorate of Vocational Education & Training, Mumbai(DVET) established in the year 1984, previously a part ofDirectorate of Technical Education, governs the technical andvocations education and training in Maharashtra state. Decisionof establishing separate Directorate was taken considering theincrease in the number of ITIs, Technical High Schools &+2Level Junior Colleges … Read more

Vocational and technical education in India

vocational and technical education in India Technical and Vocational Education plays a vital role in human resource development of the country by creating skilled manpower, enhancing industrial productivity and improving the quality of life. The term Technical Education and Vocational Training are sometimes used synonymously. However, as per present practice, the term TE refers to post … Read more


WHO Defines Malnutrition as “Malnutrition refers to deficiencies, excesses, or imbalances in a person’s intake of energy and/or nutrients. The term malnutrition addresses 3 broad groups of conditions: undernutrition, which includes wasting (low weight-for-height), stunting (low height-for-age) and underweight (low weight-for-age); micronutrient-related malnutrition, which includes micronutrient deficiencies (a lack of important vitamins and minerals) or … Read more

United Nations and its specialized agencies

United Nations and its specialized agencies The United Nations (UN) is an intergovernmental organization established on 24 October 1945 to promote international cooperation. It was founded to replace the League of Nations following World War II and to prevent another conflict. When it was founded, the UN had 51 Member States; there are now 193. Most nations are members of the UN and send diplomats … Read more

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