31.08.19 Maharashtra (MPSC) Daily Current Affairs

MAHARASHTRA Cabinet overrides caveat, underwrites Rs 13,000-crore loan   The cash-strapped Maharashtra government has cleared a Rs 13,000-crore loan guarantee for the Mumbai-Nagpur expressway project despite strong objections by the state finance department. This comes just a month after the state’s decision to underwrite a Rs 4,000-crore interim loan for the same project, which too had been opposed … Read more

30.08.19 Maharashtra (MPSC) Daily Current Affairs

MAHARASHTRA Mumbai ranks 45th and Delhi 52nd in 2019 Worlds Safe Cities Index   Mumbai ranked as the 45th safest city on the Safe Cities Index (SCI). Delhi got at the 52nd position. The report was released by the Economist Intelligence Unit The cities in the Asia-Pacific (Apac) region made up six of the top-10 safest cities … Read more

29.08.19 Maharashtra (MPSC) Daily Current Affairs

MAHARASHTRA ·         Gorewada International Zoo to be set up at Nagpur   ð  The Government planned to establish an International Standard Zoo and Bioparkon the forest land at Gorewada, Nagpur.  The main aim is to protect forests. The Zoo will have attractions like Bio Park, Indian Safari, African Safari, Night Safari, Research, Education and Training, facilities … Read more

28.08.19 Maharashtra (MPSC) Daily Current Affairs

MAHARASHTRA TB notification goes down in 21 districts of Maharashtra this year   The crucial exercise of notifying tuberculosis (TB) cases — a pre-requisite to rein in the growing burden of the disease — has taken a severe beating in 21 districts of the state between January 1 and August 22 this year. The latest … Read more

27.08.19 Maharashtra (MPSC) Daily Current Affairs

MAHARASHTRA Maharashtra buys 2,139 sick cows from military farms   A medical examination has revealed that 2,139 of the 2,914 Frieswal cows to be bought by the state government from the Military Farms in Pimpri and Deolali in Nashik are suffering from contagious diseases, such as infectious bovine rhinotracheitis and tuberculosis. The department for animal husbandry has since decided … Read more

24.08.19 Maharashtra (MPSC) Daily Current Affairs

MAHARASHTRA High prevalence of masked hypertension in Maharashtra, says study   About 19.1% of the 2,026 individuals enrolled for a study in Maharashtra, excluding Mumbai, were found to be white-coat hypertensive. Another 21.7 of the studied individuals were found to have masked hypertension.   White-coat hypertension is defined as a condition in which people exhibit a blood … Read more

25-26.08.19 Maharashtra (MPSC) Daily Current Affairs

MAHARASHTRA ·         Maharashtra: Now, revenue department to keep record of rights for flats too ð  Property rights for apartment or commercial unit will now be maintained by the revenue department. The document will allow citizens to record the name of their intended successors. ð  The state cabinet approved the formulation of new rules that will enable citizens … Read more

23.08.19 Maharashtra (MPSC) Daily Current Affairs

MAHARASHTRA ASI revealed the evidence of an Iron Age settlement in the Vidarbha region   Archaeological Survey of India’s (ASI) recent excavation at Maharashtra Phupgaonhas revealed evidence of an Iron Age settlement in the Vidarbha region. The excavation at the site was taken up between December 2018 and March 2019.   The team of ASI took up an intensive survey … Read more

22.08.19 Maharashtra (MPSC) Daily Current Affairs

MAHARASHTRA ·         Maharashtra: Godse for separate plan for water for Marathwada ð  Shiv Sena MP Hemant Godse has presented a plan to water resources department minister ð  The state government has decided to provide water to Marathwada region by diverting water from the west flowing rivers through the Nashik and Sinnar links that where already planned and the detailed … Read more

21.08.19 Maharashtra (MPSC) Daily Current Affairs

MAHARASHTRA Maharashtra govt to monitor 100 more polluting industries in state   Grappling with increasing air pollution, the state government has now taken over 100 more industries under its monitoring ambit. In another new addition, the programme has also included units from the bio-medical waste. Maharashtra is the first state in the country to launch an industrial star-rating … Read more

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