Maharastra Human Development Index

Maharastra  Human Development Index:- Human development an integral part of economic development is fastly catching of various stakeholders around the world. It is also about people’s active engagement in shaping development, equity and sustainability, intrinsic aspects of freedom of people have to lead lives they have reason to value. Human development index is a tool … Read more

Maharashtra Food security

Maharashtra Food security   Regional disparities along with food security have remained an issue of debate in Maharashtra ever since its inception as a State in 1960. Several studies have examined economic development as well as food security issues at the regional level, but there has been no systematic attempt made to analyse food security … Read more

Economy of Maharashtra

Economy of Maharashtra Introduction: Maharashtra’s contribution to the Indian Economy is high and hence it is called as the Power House of India. Maharashtra contributes to less than ten per cent of the total population of the country, but accounts for nearly one-fourth of the gross value of India’s industrial sector. The state has succeeded … Read more

Maharashtra Government Schemes

Maharashtra Government Schemes 2017-18: Maharashtra Government Schemes – The State Government of Maharashtra has launched many welfare schemes for the people of the state for the development of the state. Recently the Maharashtra Government had launched a loan waiver scheme for the farmers of the state named Maharashtra ChhatrapatiShivajiShetkariSanmanYojana. Apart from the government schemes, the … Read more

Maharashtra Panned Development

Maharashtra Panned Development What is mean by Planned Development & Why it is Necessary: When Independence came, India had a slender industrial base. Millions of her rural people suffered under the weight of a traditional agrarian structure. A long period of economic stagnation, against the background of increasing pressure of population, followed by the burdens … Read more

Trade and Commerce in Maharashtra

Trade and Commerce in Maharashtra Maharashtra occupies the western and central part of the country and has a long coastlinestretching nearly 720 km along the Arabian Sea. The Sahyadri mountain ranges provide a natural backbone to the State on the west, while the Satpuda hills along the north and Bhamragad-Chiroli-Gaikhuri ranges on the east serve … Read more

Maharashtra Public Finance and Fiscal Policy

Maharashtra Public Finance and Fiscal Policy Profile:- The Fiscal position has shown considerable improvement State has been able to achieve its FRBM targets except in 2009-10 This has been possible due to reduction in Total Expenditure from 14.84% of GSDP in 2004-05 to 11.77% in 2013-14 (mostly on Salaries, Interest payment & other Revenue Expenditure) … Read more

Main Features of Budget of Maharashtra

Main Features of Budget of Maharashtra (2017-18) Main Features: DEMONITISATION: Bold and decisive measure to curb tax evasion and parallel economy Government’s resolve to eliminate corruption, black money, counterfeit currency and terror funding Drop in economic activity, if any, to be temporary Generate long term benefits including reduced corruption, greater digitisation, increased flow of financial … Read more

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