25.07.17 Rajasthan (RPSC) Current Affairs

RAJASTHAN   Annapurna Rasoi benefits may be extended to hospitals   After receiving positive feedback from Annapurna Rasoi Yojana in state capital, chief minister Vasundhara Raje on Wednesday directed officials to extend benefit of the scheme in all district hospitals.   The scheme now intends to provide subsided food to poor and middle class patients and their … Read more25.07.17 Rajasthan (RPSC) Current Affairs

25-07-2017 Paper II- DMPQ

Daily RAS/RTS Mains Practice Questions- DMPQ is a free for all initiative by RAS Free Notes Team just like daily current affairs program to provide 2 questions from each paper daily to cover the entire syllabus of RAS/RTS Mains for the aspirants. What are semiconductor devices? Explain different types of semiconductors and their uses. Explain the … Read more25-07-2017 Paper II- DMPQ

Buddhism : An introduction

Buddhism is a world religion and is based on the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama, who is known as the Buddha (literally the Enlightened One or Awakened One). Siddhārtha Gautama was the historical founder of Buddhism. After asceticism and meditation, he discovered the Buddhist Middle Way—a path of moderation away from the extremes of self-indulgence and … Read moreBuddhism : An introduction

17.07.17 RAS Current Affairs

RAJASTHAN   ·       Rajasthan government introduces module on Phad painting, spa ð  Rajasthan Skill and Livelihoods Development Corporation (RSLDC) has introduced training modules on Phad paintings, Purohitya Prashikshan, Heritage Mistri, Therapeutic Spa and Ornamental Fisheries to mark the World Youth Skills Day.   ð These courses have been designed for youths keeping its high employability … Read more17.07.17 RAS Current Affairs

Polity of Rajasthan Previous Year’s Mains Questions Topics Wise

1999 1- Give your opinion on the organisation and functioning of ‘Panchayat Samitis ’ in Rajasthan. 6 2- Aganbari Programme. 4 1997 3- Compare the New Panchayati Raj Act in Rajasthan with the old, highlight major changes in the new Act. 6 1996 4- New Panchayat Raj Act in Rajasthan. 3 5- Apna Gaun Apna … Read morePolity of Rajasthan Previous Year’s Mains Questions Topics Wise

Polity and Administration Previous Year’s Mains Questions Topics Wise

2010 1- Shadow Cabinet. 2 2008 2- National Disaster Management Authority(NDMA). 2 3- 73rd and 74th Constitutional Ammendments. 4 4- Dr. Ambedkar’s  role in making of the constitution of India. 6 5- Women’s  reservation will be beneficial for women empowerment. Answer logically. 6 6- Election of 15th Loksabha  has focused on importance of national parties. … Read morePolity and Administration Previous Year’s Mains Questions Topics Wise

International Relations Previous Year’s Mains Questions Topics Wise

2010 1- Discuss the significance of CANCUN Submit concluded on 10th Dec. 2010. What was India’s stand in the submit? 4 2-Discuss the pro’s and con’s of Civil Nuclear Liability Act 2010. 4 3- Discuss the significance of the visits of Premiers/Presidents of following countries to India during November and December 2010 USA, France, China … Read moreInternational Relations Previous Year’s Mains Questions Topics Wise