Maharashtra Government Schemes

Maharashtra Government Schemes 2017-18:

Maharashtra Government Schemes – The State Government of Maharashtra has launched many welfare schemes for the people of the state for the development of the state. Recently the Maharashtra Government had launched a loan waiver scheme for the farmers of the state named Maharashtra ChhatrapatiShivajiShetkariSanmanYojana.

Apart from the government schemes, the State Government of Maharashtra has launched the MahaDBT portal by which benefits of all government schemes will be transferred directly into bank accounts of beneficiaries in the state.

Benefits of the Portal

Maharashtra is the first state to launch this system to give direct benefits with ‘Aadhaar Authentication’

MahaDBT portal benefits to lakhs of beneficiaries under various schemes across all departments in the state. This portal will bring efficiency in various internal functions of the DBT & Services processes

Students can apply online for various scholarship schemes

Beneficiary can get benefits of many schemes by using just ‘Aadhaar Authentication’

ChatrapatiShivajiMaharajShetkariSanmanYojana – 2017:

The Maharashtra state government has introduced the farmer’s list under ChhatrapatiShivajiMaharajShetkariSanmanYojana CSMSSY 2017. CSMSSY 2017 is a farm loan waiver scheme of Maharashtra Government, under the scheme the state government will waive the agriculture loan of the farmers of Maharashtra. Farmers can check their name in the list is available at district wise, block-wise and Gram Panchayat wise. Farmers can also check their name at

The eligible and needy farmers who have registered for CSMSSY 2017 were provided an application id and district wise, taluka wise and Garmpanchayat/ Nagarparishad wise farmer list can be accessed

According to the official website of the CSMSSY, 4607203 total numbers of registrations have been done by the farmers in Maharashtra on the portal while 3928529 farmers have applied for the farm loan waiver scheme till 31st August.

MahaLabharthi Portal Online Registration for Maharashtra Govt. Schemes:

MahaLabharthi portal is a new online portal at launched by the state government of Maharashtra to provide information about all the Maharashtra government schemes. At the MahaLabharthi portal, the citizens of the state can register themselves and receive personalized information about various schemes of state government.

The MahaLabharthi portal will provide personalized information about the schemes such as eligibility, scheme benefits, contact authority, application form and other necessary details. For this, the citizens would be required to provide their contact details, profession and income details among others at the portal.

MagelTyalaShettale Farm Pond Subsidy Scheme Online:

The state government of Maharashtra has launched a scheme named MagelTyalaShettale (Farm Ponds on Demand) to provide a source of water to farm land. The objective of the scheme is that each and every farmer in the state gets a permanent source of water.

The state government has allocated Rs. 204 crore in its budget to implement the scheme. The benefit will be transferred directly in the bank accounts of farmers for 51,369 farm ponds. According to the notification, the eligible farmer will get Rs. 50,000 directly in their bank accounts to construct a pond in their farm land.

Direct Benefit Transfer Portal for Farm Loan Waiver by the Maharashtra Govt.:

The Maharashtra state govt. is planning to introduce “Direct Benefit Transfer Portal” (DBT) to collect the data from farmers regarding their loan. The farmers can register themselves on the portal and they have to fill all details for their loan waiver.

The Maharashtra DBT portal is aimed at ensuring simpler and faster flow of funds to genuine beneficiaries and cut frauds. The new DBT portal would be developed on the lines of existing central portal. Recently, the farmers’ agitation in Maharashtra was demanding for mercy on their loan. The state govt. has announced over Rs. 36,000 crore loan waiver to relief the farmers.

Objective of DBT Portal

The objective of DBT portal would be to cover all farmers in the state and provide a relief from the burden of loan and increase their income.

Farmers who are not eligible for loan waiver scheme

  • The farmer whose income is at least 15,000 per month and are registered for paying taxes or have a secondary source of income.
  • Farmers who are elected on the board of district co-operative banks, agricultural produce marketing committees and sugar co-operative mills.

Every farmer who registers for the loan waiver will put on their individual Aadhar numbers and other information about land records and income. This information will ensure that he or she does not fall in any of these categories.

Maharashtra ShravanBalSevaRajyaNivruttivetanYojana:

The Maharashtra Government has started a new scheme for the senior citizen of the state named as ShravanBalSevaRajyaNivruttivetanYojana. This is the pension scheme for the disputed persons of the state. It is the state government sponsored scheme. Under the scheme, all categories candidates will be eligible for the benefits of the scheme.

The scheme will be available for the poor and needy senior citizens of the scheme. The state government of Maharashtra will provide financial help of Rs 600 per month to the beneficiary of the state.

Eligibility Criteria of the ShravanBalSevaRajyaNivruttivetanYojana

  • The name of the applicant must not be listed in BPL for the category A Pension Scheme.
  • The name of the applicants must be listed in BPL for the category B pension Scheme. (Details of Category A and B)
  • Age of the beneficiary must be 65 years or above.
  • Annual candidates of the beneficiary should be not exceeding of Rs 21,000.

Candidates who belonging from BPL families will receive Rs 400 per month by the state government and Rs 200 per month will be provided under Indira Gandhi Old Age Pension Scheme. Rs 600 will be provided by the Maharashtra government to those applicants who have not listed in the BPL categories.

MajhiKanyaBhagyashree scheme:

The State Government of Maharashtra has given approval to the revised policy of the MajhiKanyaBhagyashree scheme. As per the policy, the families who have a yearly income of uptoRs 7.5 lakh will be able to avail the benefits of the scheme.

This scheme was launched on 1st April 2016 in place of ‘Sukanya’ scheme. The main motto of the scheme is to improve the skewed girl child ratio, prevent sex determination and female foeticide, and support female education.

As per the earlier provisions, the girls from Below Poverty Line (BPL) families and those whose annual income was uptoRs 1 lakh were eligible for the ‘MajhiKanyaBhagyashree Scheme.

As per the new provisions, the girl students from the families having annual income uptoRs 7.5 lakh will be eligible for the scheme.

According to the new provisions, after birth the first girl child, if the mother or the father undergoes a family planning operation, an amount of Rs 50,000 shall be deposited in a bank in the name of the girl child.

Besides this, if any of the parents undergo a family planning operation after bearing the second girl child, the total amount of Rs 25,000 shall be deposited in the name of both children.

The beneficiary girl will be able to withdraw the interest money twice – once she attains 6 years of age and when she turns 12.

The girl will be able to withdraw the principle money plus the interest when she turns 18, provided she has completed her education upto Standard 10 and is unmarried.


Anyone can avail the benefits of the if there are a maximum of two girl children born. In case a third child is born, the scheme shall become invalid for the first two as well.

PradhanMantri Gram ParivahanYojana – Interest-Free Loan for Vehicles:

PradhanMantri Gram ParivahanYojana -The Central Government of India is going to launch a new scheme for providing a financial assistance in the form of an interest-free loan to the women self-help groups in rural areas on the purchase of small commercial vehicles, to boost public transport and generate employment.Maharashtra Government Schemes

This upcoming scheme may be called ‘PradhanMantri Gram ParivahanYojana’ and the scheme is expected to be launched on 15 August on the occasion of ‘Independence Day’. It will be on the lines of the ongoing rural roads scheme, ‘PradhanMantri Gram SadakYojana

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